It had been a sleepy and busy weekend for me. To start it off, I attempted to cook a simple dish involving shiitake mushroom on Saturday. Shiitake mushroom, 1 of the love in my life. I got this simple recipe online, which looks relatively easy; involving a few steps, but yet looks deliciously good. Perhaps all shiitake mushroom-related food opts to look good to me anyway. Credits to Wiffy for the recipe.

As always, I deviate a little from the recipe. I added more mushroom, and a little less butter, and more dried herbs.

Oh, another basic culinary 101 joke. I was holding on to garlic and asked Oma whether it’s Onion. She laughed, shook her head and pointed to the onion instead. I laughed too. It’s good. At least within 2 weeks, I have learnt some basic culinary stuff. Now I can recognize (lol -_-) and peel of the skins of garlic/onion well, chopping them into smaller bits, and realize that onion don’t make you cry at all (maybe, its because of the 1/4-1/2 onion I’m handling with). And yes, I was looking at the pictures on Fancy one day, and how I wish I could have one of this chopping board for my future culinary session.

While preparing for the ingredients, Oma and I were having some conversation about her life back home and also pertaining to her work in SG, like her previous employer. The incident about being ill-treated by her ex-employer never failed to upset me. Reminded me of people who are always discriminating against the weaker or inferior “race”/people. Yet, on the other side of the story, she’s a post-graduate student in Myanmar, holding a degree in Myanmar Language, aka Burmese. At times I think I’m fortunate to learn some Burmese words and also her country culture.

After like 15mins or so, the dish was done. Appearance wise, it really differed from the website. It was much more oily than I expected as well. Gee, the 50 g of butter, and I even reduced it a little. BUT despite all the talk, it smells real good. I know it’s the butter effect, but it really smells good!  Oma tried it, looked at me with a smiling face and said she love it a lot. I had a bite and I love it too! The shiitake mushroom melts in my mouth, and the juice and taste, gosh, simple and yet fabulous. Too bad my parent were in overseas till tuesday and my eldest sister, who also love mushroom a lot, was outside having dinner with her fiance. I will probably cook this along with the green curry and let them try next week.


At late evening, thim swing by my house again. Ever since he realised I had “Band of Brothers”, which I bought for like 2 years ago, he will come by and catch an episode or so during weekends. We would recall back those NS days and how we have been through some of those craps and good times too. He loves to tease at my rank whenever a chance presents itself; mocking and belittling as always. And I love to say how he is always jealous that I’m of a higher rank than him, despite my fitness (he love to boast about his fitness level). This time round while he was watching the show, I was busy settling tons of administration stuff in preparation for reservist. I was so glad that I’m using iphone with my current study contact plan. A year ago when I was not using iphone or under student plan, I had a shock looking at my phone bill at the end of the day. The number of sms and outgoing call is insanely high.

Calvin swing by a while later, and they set up the ps3 and played the usual soccer game. When the time was up for euro12, I prepared the live stream from the desktop and all the us would watch together. Although it was not as clear as what the coffeeshop has to offer, it was definitely much more enjoyable and comfortable. After like 3 trips to the coffeeshop, we realised we had to stop going there. Despite the mega size tv and its clarity, the 2nd hand smoke was really a killer, despite being in a non-smoking zone (it’s a small coffee shop). We figured that health and comfort was probably more important, and thus we headed up to my house and searched for livestream. And due to thim and euro12, I had been sleeping like 2-4 hrs per day. The first night (fri), I had 2 1/2 hrs of sleep because I had to wake the lazy bum so that he can be punctual and impress his sweet love, and unfortunately I cant sleep afterward. The next night, I slept 4hrs + to wake him up again for his church camp. It’s ridiculously funny because 1) I seem to be more concerned about his welfare (he even told me he don’t mind being late for his date and went on to sleep, until I dragged him out literally to my doorstep lol. I knew it was his shagness that was talking because he was so concerned about his date the previous night and told me to wake him up no matter what) , 2) and despite being a regular guest for like 3 yrs, he still had no idea how to exit from my house (digital lock) despite my one thousand step-by-step demonstrations. How could you not love thim huh? That Saukerl.

*Father’s Day Dinner*

Later in the day, elder sis came back home together with wei han. I did not realise that elder sis was preparing dinner for everyone as I was reading my book in my room. Initially I still thought of cooking green curry chicken, until I stepped out of the room and went into the kitchen at 5. Was happy to see that elder sis was preparing her specialty chicken.  At 6+, everyone sat down on the dining table and had dinner. Was talking about younger sis’s birthday chalet party, and her poor habit of not charging hp, hence not contactable when she’s outside. Elder sis got her a dual-purpose charger to solve the issue. I was feeling happy during the dinner time. It’s a long story to talk about, but for the siblings to sit down, talk and have dinner together, talking and sharing despite our parent being in the overseas, makes it a really pleasant dining experience.

End of the dinner, I tried younger sis’s muffin and it was nice too. I guess mother will be proud. Her biggest regret was being able to cook regularly for the family, but her children, particularly both my sisters, are doing well in the culinary aspect.

*The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak*

After the family dinner and a some family conversation, I headed back to my room and resumed reading. At the end portion of the book (The Book Thief), I shed a tear. The ending was pretty well-written and touching. It’s interesting that you do foresee people were going to die and stuff like that, but yet how it happened and the way it was written, you just cant help it. The whole story, and tale, is so haunting and beautiful. The book has certainly left a strong memory and impact on me. In all, I took like a week to finish the whole book. I believe the story build up a little too slow at the start for my liking, but it picked up real well in the middle portion and subsequently. But probably the slow buildup might explain why each and every character had such a special place in my heart when i was reading the entire book.

For reader who might be interested, the story took place in a WW2 setting. The narrator is death, aka grim reaper itself. Death is telling a story about a book thief, named Liesel, a 9 years old German. It paints a vivid picture of young Liesel life, with her foster dad Hans, and foster mum, Rosa. How she picked up language skills, steal books with her best friend, Rudy to improve her language, and build up a heartwarming friendship with a Jew named Max. The book speaks quite a lot about humanity, something that hold deep in my heart. There were many scenes that constantly playing through in my head, even now. One of the few that really touched my heart was when Rudy went up to a enemy pilot whose plane crushed near Himmel. He took out a teddy bear, placed it beside the pilot, and chatted with him before the pilot died shortly. It might seem plain and nothing but the buildup to that scene was brilliant and touching for me.

I’m also in love with the German’s cursing throughout the book, like Saukerl and Saumensch. Those 2 words have such a bittersweet memory to me now. I think I will really miss Rosa scolding those two words to Hans, Liesel and the neighborhood.

To end the post with a happy note, allan’s proposal to fishy was uploaded in Youtube. Looking through the whole video, I find it sweet and very happy for them :)

with love,

peace –

Will be sleeping safe and sound tonight.

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